Penzion U Kubečků

Penzion U Kubečků

We offer cheap accommodation 500 m from Mladé Buky Resort. Suitable for families with children.

We offer cheap accommodation 500 m from Mladé Buky areal. Suitable for families with children. The four 4bed and one 5bed room. Every room has its own bathroom, kitchen, TV and WIFI. The pension is a great place for hikes and sport activities. The possibility to enjoy all the activities in Mlade Buky.


542 23 Mladé Buky 310
Phone: +420 775 243 086, +420 775 243 085,

Snow cover: 50 cm || New snow: 2 cm || Type of snow: prachový

Condition of slopes

1.Buky600  m
2.Slalomový svah700 m
3.Mezírka830 m
4.Rozárka400 m
5.Šmejkalka600 m
6.Pekelský vrch západ650 m
7.Pekelský vrch východ650 m
8.Kidpark - pojezdový chodník50 m
9.Kidpark - lanové vleky150 m
10.Snowpark500 m

Condition of ski lifts

Lift / ski lift
LD Pekelský vrch 1650 m
LV Buky II555 m
LV Buky III m
LV Rozárka397 m
Lanová dráha Pekelský vrch 2550 m
LV Šmejkalka470 m
LP Kidpark Baby50 m
LV Kidpark I50  m

Data source:, (c) Sitour CZ

FREE parking in Mladé Buky Resort

Every visitor has at our disposal a modern FREE PARKING, which is located about 30m from downhill courses. Among others, the Mladé Buky Resort provides well-maintained social facilities in the parking lot.

Resort Mladé Buky