Slopes and lifts

Thanks to the width and profile of its tracks, the ski resort offers activities both for families and for skiers who prefer quieter slopes and lifts without queues. 7 lifts and a 3-seated chair lift running at 5.1 km daily maintained and snowy tracks.

Our tracks are maintained at least twice a day by a snow groomer, snowmaking takes place as soon as there are suitable climate conditions.


  • 7 lifts
  • 3-seated chair lift
  • 5,1 km daily maintained and snowy tracks
  • Kidpark with belt
  • U ramp
  • Cross-country circuit 5 km
  • Snowpark
  • 95% of ski slopes snowed

Night skiing

from 20.12.every evening from 6pm to 9pm

  • Night skiing on 4.1 km maintained and illuminated tracks, that is not offered by any other ski resort in the Czech Republic.
  • This season we offer again very popular WOMAN´S WEDNESDAY NIGHT RIDES for a better price!
  • Night skiing runs daily from 6 to 9 pm 

Snow cover: - cm || New snow: - cm || Type of snow: -

Condition of slopes

1.Buky600  m
2.Slalomový svah700 m
3.Mezírka830 m
4.Rozárka400 m
5.Šmejkalka600 m
6.Pekelský vrch západ650 m
7.Pekelský vrch východ650 m
8.Kidpark - pojezdový chodník50 m
9.Kidpark - lanové vleky150 m
10.Snowpark500 m

Condition of ski lifts

Lift / ski lift
Bobová dráha1520 m
LV Buky I.576 m
LV Buky II555 m
LV Buky III555 m
LV Rozárka397 m
Lanová dráha Pekelský vrch550 m
LV Šmejkalka470 m
LP Kidpark Baby50 m
LV Kidpark I50  m

Data source:, (c) Sitour CZ

FREE parking in Mladé Buky Resort

Every visitor has at our disposal a modern FREE PARKING, which is located about 30m from downhill courses. Among others, the Mladé Buky Resort provides well-maintained social facilities in the parking lot.

Resort Mladé Buky