Ski school


Ski school HELLISH HILL 

on-site ski school mediates lessons on skis and snowboards for individuals and groups of people. 

Each lesson has 50 minutes of intensive instruction and 10 minutes for preparation and possible transfer. In case of interest, after a telephone agreement, it is also possible to teach in the evening. Our instructors are trained at the APUL ski association or at our accreditation center. 


We recommend 75 min. intensive teaching, see the table below.


+420 773 663 930,

Opening hours:

Monday - Sunday: 08:30 to 16:00 and 17:30 to 21:00

   • A helmet is mandatory for children's lessons. 

• We rent skis and helmets for children up to 5 years (4.99) free of charge for lessons, the amount is limited - advance booking is required. 

• You can order lessons in the office of the ski school, which is located in the parking lot or by phone 773 663 930 and email, at least 1 day before the required date of instruction. 

• We offer the possibility of organizing ski courses for kindergartens and schools, including transport to our premises and the provision of qualified instructors. If you are interested, we will compile a tailor-made program for you. 

As in the previous year, the ski school organizes suburban camp with skiing lessons. Current season takes place from 15 February to 19 February 2021. The camp is intended for children from 6 to 15 years of age (capacity max. 25). For children, a program is prepared for each day throughout the week. Price 1000, - / day or 1100, - / day with equipment. Payment includes: 4 hours of skiing lessons, daily pass, lunch, snack, warning vests. Closing day: sports games, prizes, diplomas and photography. The deadline for applications is 31 January 2021, this also applies to the payment of an 80% deposit of the value of the course (in cash at the ski school office in the car park on the premises). For more information, call 775 599 226 or write to

* Ski equipment FREE up to 120 cm, after making reservation at the ski school, applies to teaching children up to 4.99 years. 

• bonus about 20 minutes of ski pass 

• group tuition + 300, - / each additional person and ski pass price


základ 50 minstandard 75 minextra100 - 2x50 min
do 4,99 let5 - 99 let
1 osoba* 480500740990
Základní cena5605808501 120
Každá další osoba+ 300+ 300+ 300+ 300

Prices above are per 1 person!!!

  • If you pay 1 hour lesson in the ski school you can buy the ski park ticket for 80 CZK
  • If you pay 2 hours lesson in the ski school you can buy the ski park ticket for 130 CZK
  • If you pay 4 hours lesson in the ski school you get the ski park ticket for free
1 hodina
1,5 hodiny
2 hodiny
4 hodiny/den
skipas GRATIS


Name and Surname*










Snow cover: - cm || New snow: - cm || Type of snow: -

Condition of slopes

1.Buky600  m
2.Slalomový svah700 m
3.Mezírka830 m
4.Rozárka400 m
5.Šmejkalka600 m
6.Pekelský vrch západ650 m
7.Pekelský vrch východ650 m
8.Kidpark - pojezdový chodník50 m
9.Kidpark - lanové vleky150 m
10.Snowpark500 m

Condition of ski lifts

Lift / ski lift
LD Pekelský vrch 1650 m
LV Buky II555 m
LV Buky III m
LV Rozárka397 m
Lanová dráha Pekelský vrch 2550 m
LV Šmejkalka470 m
LP Kidpark Baby50 m
LV Kidpark I50  m

Data source:, (c) Sitour CZ

FREE parking in Mladé Buky Resort

Every visitor has at our disposal a modern FREE PARKING, which is located about 30m from downhill courses. Among others, the Mladé Buky Resort provides well-maintained social facilities in the parking lot.

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