Daily from 9 am to 4 pm


For a comfort transportation there is a wonder carpet and a children rope lift, ensuring the first safe ski efforts. Besides children there will be a mascot Dog Balda learning skiing and for making the education more interesting there are various kinds of figures, slaloms and passages. In the Balda´s “doghouse” (a log cabin) there is the children´s base. The KIDpark is located behind the round ski bar, next to the outdoor seating area. Further you can borrow and ride on inner tubes here.

For the clients of the ski school HELLISH HILL there is a separated area, where the beginners learn their first ski steps.


In case of full park capacity, the supervisor of the resort has the right to close the park for other public. No entry with snowboards to the KIDpark (except total beginners´ education). No sledding in the KIDpark. Time tickets are valid from the time of their payment. Permanent or portable obstacles could be installed only after the resort supervisor´s approval.

In the KIDpark follow the instructions of the attendants and ski school instructors, be respectful to others and keep order.


1 hour130,- CZK
2 hours210,- CZK
to 12.30 pm270,- CZK
from 12.30 pm270,- CZK

We accept credit cards. Tickets are valid 7 days after the purchase.

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