Bobsled run Berta

In the upper passages you will be captivated by perfect views to the East Giant Mountains

Dear visitors, 

the operation of the bobsleigh track is not interrupted, it is open as follows:  

Monday - Friday: 12 - 18 hours

Saturday - Sunday: 10 - 18 hours


This type of bobsleigh track allows year-round operation even in adverse conditions. 

Children under 8 years of age may only be accompanied by a person over 12 years of age! Children under 5 ride for FREE! 

Technical parameters

• over 1 km of exit 

• Top speed over 40km / h 

• The upper station is at an altitude of: 620 m.n.m. 

• The lower station is at an altitude of: 500 m.n.m. 

• Speed control is possible with brakes 

• Bob max for 2 people 

• Load capacity max. 160 kg 

Transport conditions

Operating hours and pricelist

Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 20:00

*We accept credit cards

Season Standard to 25.6.2021, from 1.9.2021 to 17.12.2021
Sezóna TOP from 26.6.2021 to 31.8.2021
Bobová dráhaAdultChild/SeniorBobová dráhaAdultChild/Senior
1 ride70601 ride8070
5 rides3302905 rides380330
10 rides63054010 rides720630
Prices in CZK / person

Children to 10 years (to 9,99 years), Senior over 65 years, Children to 5 years ( to 4,99 years ) FREE. Tickets are valid 7 days after the purchase.
Contact: +420 775 340 712

Snow cover: - cm || New snow: - cm || Type of snow: -

Condition of slopes

1.Buky600  m
2.Slalomový svah700 m
3.Mezírka830 m
4.Rozárka400 m
5.Šmejkalka600 m
6.Pekelský vrch západ650 m
7.Pekelský vrch východ650 m
8.Kidpark - pojezdový chodník50 m
9.Kidpark - lanové vleky150 m
10.Snowpark500 m

Condition of ski lifts

Lift / ski lift
LD Pekelský vrch 1650 m
LV Buky II555 m
LV Buky III m
LV Rozárka397 m
Lanová dráha Pekelský vrch 2550 m
LV Šmejkalka470 m
LP Kidpark Baby50 m
LV Kidpark I50  m

Data source:, (c) Sitour CZ

FREE parking in Mladé Buky Resort

Every visitor has at our disposal a modern FREE PARKING, which is located about 30m from downhill courses. Among others, the Mladé Buky Resort provides well-maintained social facilities in the parking lot.

Resort Mladé Buky