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History of skiing

historie 1The first mention related to skiing in Mladé Buky is from 1891. The local carpenter Franz Baudisch initiated the first machine production of skis in the former Austria. Until 1951 two main sports were famous in the village: sledding and skating. People were not interested in skiing. In 1951 a teacher of P.E. from Prague, Mr Ivan Hrabě, was transferred to Mladé Buky at his own request. Although there was no local ski club, after a large promotional campaign among pupils and parents, downhill skiing, cross-country and ski jumping clubs were founded at the local elementary school.

Downhill skiing club trained at the place of current ski park, cross-country club used tracks towards the Rýchory ridge. And there was built a ramp with a wooden in-run tower for the ski jumping club in 1952. During its construction there was a fall of the tower and the director of the local elementary school broke his leg. Apart of this the ramp served very well till 1960.

Finally in 1953 the ski club was founded, and Mr Ivan Hrabě became his first chairman. In the same year the former Central Committee of Czechoslovak P.E. and Sports Union founded sport ski schools. One of the five former sport ski schools for youth was allocated to Mladé Buky at that time. The best skiers from Mladé Buky, Svoboda nad Úpou, Janské Lázně, Horní Maršov and Pec pod Sněžkou were concentrated to this school. The sport ski school was disbaned in 1966 during the country reorganization of school P.E.

In 1959 some photos of small ski lifts brought from Austria by a group of local enthusiasts were used as the pattern for the new lift, which was put into operation in 1960 and with various modifications operated until 2000. A big fire of Ski-Bar and the lift machinery room accelerated the end of the new lift. At the same place using the burnt foundations a new building was constructed and put into operation before the following season.

The year 1960 was important for the history also for another event. The skiers from Mladé Buky participated in a movie shooting with a ski topic – “Who owns the cup?”. This movie was broadcasted in the country regularly during Christmas from 1960 to 1970 and was sold to 8 foreign countries.

historie 2In 1963 a clubhouse and a bar were built up next to the lift machinery room. The used material was obtained from an old German era prison camp from Adršpach. The first lighting of the slope was built in 1970.
In 1969 Ivan Hrabě became the coach of the National team of students. He trained future Czechoslovak representatives who made Czech skiing famous in the World Championships and the Olympic Games.

Next significant year in the resort development was 1985, when a very modern (for that time) ski lift TLV 12 from Metasport company was built. The following year the first groomer was bought and the clubhouse was finished. At the same time there was also an extensive landscaping and the stream adjustment.

A large transformation of the resort occurred after the velvet revolution in 1989 and has been proceeding to the present time. Today's modern four star resort belonging according to the assessment of the company Sitour to the leading resorts in the Czech Republic is a work of many enthusiasts, who contributed to its development at a given time. The local ski club during its history brought up many representatives of the Czech Republic, academic world champions, participants of the Olympic Games, champions of the Czech Republic and winners of the international criteria.