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Everything in one place and ready for your holiday

We have been building Mladé Buky resort as an ideal place for an active holiday with your family. Every year we invest money to make the area more attractive and the number of the visitors who love to come back is increasing every year.



bobova draha

Bobsled Berta

It is an adrenalin ride for kids and their parents. Length 1 km. Operating all year. Kids up to 6 years old get free rides. More info

pujcovna kol

Bike rental

We rent downhill, mountain bikes and also electro bikes.
More info



Summer tubing

It will give you thrills and chills! The plastic tubes will take you safely down – and our lift will bring you and your tube comfortably and quickly back up the hill, so you can ride again and again. More info



Enjoy easy hikes and bike trips from the resort. Nice trips for the whole family. More info


detske hriste

Children playground

Children love the large playground with the water world. And not just children. More info


Restaurant, ski bars and bistros in the area for gourmands and people who have a sweet tooth.
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bike park

Bike park

Older kids and adults love our bike park with three lines and different level of difficulty. More info



Accommodation around the area offers great places to stay for families with kids. More info




One of the best and the most professional golf course in the Giant Mountains. An 18-hole course offers the breath-taking view of the Giant Mountains from each spot. It is an ideal place for professionals or beginners, adults or kids.


Mladé Buky 445
542 23 Mladé Buky

tel.: +420 499 421 950
fax: +420 499 421 951
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Riding school

staj 046


Horse rides for beginners, skilled riders, families and kids. Hippoterapy and hiporehabilitation is possible. In the winter you can use the sheltered riding school and you can also watch the horses from the nearby café.


Tel.: +420 605 502 725

Forest swimming pool

lesni plovarna


The natural character of the swimming baths creates a pleasant setting for relaxation and sport activities. The swimming baths consist of a 50 m reservoir which gets deeper gradually. Moreover, there is an area for sunbathing next to the pool. There is a paddling pool for children in the baths. Great place for summer holiday and also the summer camps.


Dolní Sejfy 319
542 23 Mladé Buky

+420 777 239 207
Fax: +420 499 692 093
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